ART by Ms. Elizabeth Black, Boulder, Colorado

We are Change Agents for the Change Agents

Richard N. Katz & Associates was formed in 2010 to thread higher education’s needle between needed change and healthy skepticism.  We are senior-level educators and administrators immersed in higher education’s values, gifted with decades of professional success and mindful of the rapidly-changing conditions in which colleges and university must operate.  We help our clients: (1) develop and deploy strategies and plans; (2) evaluate program, revenue or service opportunities; (3) evaluate and optimize student, functional and process outcomes, and (4) match approaches and technologies with their institution’s ambitions, resources and culture.

ART by Ms. Elizabeth Black, Boulder, Colorado

Our Founder

Richard N. Katz has served higher education at the University of California, EDUCAUSE and this firm since 1981.  He has authored or edited numerous books, videos and articles including Dancing with the Devil which was named one of 10 most influential higher education books of 1999.  He has served on more than 20 governing and advisory boards, including the New Media Consortium (NMC), the Corporation for Education Networks in California (CENIC) and the Council of Higher Education Management Associations (CHEMA).  He is proud of the many friendships he has forged in 35 years and of the number of clients who have worked with Richard N. Katz & Associates more than once.

Consultants and Advisors on Higher Education

ART by Ms. Elizabeth Black, Boulder, Colorado


We are of and for Higher Education

In today’s knowledge-driven economy, a higher education is no longer optional.  College and university credentials and qualifications are our passports.  Digital technologies can open new frontiers or erect new barriers.  How we select, develop, organize and manage higher education’s people, processes and technologies today will shape our institutions and their students and alumni tomorrow.  In turn, our institutions will shape the society’s they serve.

ART by Ms. Elizabeth Black, Boulder, Colorado

We Balance Creativity, Tadition, and Change

Higher education is about perpetual change.  The teaching mission seeks to create the conditions for students to uncover and realize their potential.  The research mission sets the stage for new ideas and discoveries to change the world around us.  Educators’ capacity to serve as change agents is rooted in skepticism.  New ideas are encouraged, while ancient traditions are venerated.  To achieve balance, all ideas must prove themselves out in the crucible of reasoned discussion and debate.  We agree with this litmus test and expect to be held to our clients’ standards of evidence and reason.