Consultants and Advisors on Higher Education

Books and Monographs

The Tower and the Cloud​

Richard N. Katz, Editor (Boulder: EDUCAUSE, 2008)
This volume examines the impact of cloud computing on higher education and on the IT organization.

Web Portals & Higher Education

Richard N. Katz, Editor (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2002)
Introduces higher education policy makers, functional administrators and information technologist to portal technologies and to the emerging capability of personalizing a user’s experience of a college or university’s web sites and services.

Renewing Administration: Preparing Colleges & Universities for the 21st Century

Diana G. Oblinger and Richard N. Katz, Editors (Massachusetts: Anker Publishing, 1999)
Top business and higher education leaders outline strategies, tactics, processes and policies to enhance and streamline college and university business, finance, student services and technology functions.

ART by Ms. Elizabeth Black, Boulder, Colorado


Dancing with the Devil: IT and the New Competition in Higher Education

Richard N. Katz & Associates (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1998)

​Describes how the emergence of widespread networks will make it possible for colleges and universities to deliver instruction remotely but also create conditions for the rise of a new breed of for-profit educational institutions.

Thought Leadership

Our team members:

  • Have served as senior-level professionals in higher education
  • Have a body of published work and international speaking experiences that reflect their status as experts in a variety of higher education and technology areas

Our business model and cost structure:

  • Do not depend on using lower-cost ‘green beans’

Our credibility derives from:

  • Successful practical experience in higher education
  • A robust network of former chancellors, presidents, vice presidents, executive directors and academic leaders
  • Success at institutions and systems that span countries, segments, and governance types
  • Sharp tools: We are well and widely read. Our commitment to providing thought leadership demands a familiarity with leading thought and practice

The E is for Everything

Richard N. Katz and Diana Oblinger, Editors (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2000)
The authors clarify the nature of doing business over the Internet and help higher education policy makers and technologists develop sound policies and practices for a networked future.

Partnerships in Distributed Education

Richard N. Katz, Elizabeth Ferrara, and Ian S. Napier (DC:  American Council on Education, 2002)
Outlines a set of partnering strategies for policy makers either to extend their institution’s core mission, deliver that mission more broadly and/or deliver a new mission to new markets.

IT in Higher Education: Assessing its Impact and Planning for the Future (New Directions in IR)

Richard N. Katz & Julia A. Rudy, Editors (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1999)
Authors present reflections and frameworks on information technology’s costs and contributions to higher education’s teaching, research, service and administrative activities.  Designed to provide college and university administrators a language and approaches for evaluating the costs and benefits of IT.