Consultants and Advisors on Higher Education

Committed:  We serve higher education’s colleges, universities, governments, associations and corporations.  Our clients are policy makers, business executives, administrators, faculty and staff.

Focused:  Institutional, academic (online and on ground), business and technology planning, strategy, planning, assessment and performance management.

Experienced:  We rely on a network of extraordinary, senior-level higher education consultants and practitioners.  Our consultants have been university trustees, regents, chancellors, provosts, business officers and executive directors or have been partners and managing directors in large global firms.

Customized Approach: While we adapt and incorporate proven methodologies, our custom-tailored solutions are anchored in practical experience.  Our recommendations reflect our clients’ unique histories, circumstances and needs.

Affordable:  Our cost structure was designed to lower fixed costs.  Drawing on a network of subject-matter experts, we field senior-level teams affordably and do not depend on low-cost, entry level consultants.

Successful:  We are motivated by our clients’ success and our reputation for excellence. Since our founding in October 2010, we have delivered 70 projects on behalf of 30 customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Our clients view us as colleagues, recommend us and use our services repeatedly.

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We focus on strategy, planning, technology and performance in the academic, research and business enterprises of universities and colleges worldwide

​About Us

Experienced and senior-level university administrators who earn our clients’ respect through our understanding of higher ed’s culture, a unique business model and a tightly-focused set of skills.