Consultants and Advisors on Higher Education


“Katz & Associates is our favorite online education consultant.” Chancellor of a statewide system of higher education

“A colleague saw the work Richard N. Katz & Associates produced and said, in effect, “OMG, this is exactly what we need to do.” Associate CIO of an Ivy League University

"If you're in higher education, the authors' persuasive pictures of your present circumstances and probable future(s) will tantalize and terrify you.” Dan Langenberg, Chancellor Emeritus, University System of Maryland on Dancing with the Devil​

Making a positive difference for our clients drives our choice of engagements, our approaches, the teams we assemble and the care we take. We watch the clock less out of concern for our profitability than out of respect for our clients’ time. We thrive on success. We have:

  • Facilitated a retreat of the Regents, Presidents and senior executives about disruptive technologies and practices in the future of higher education for the System’s Chancellor
  • Conducted a comprehensive review of online education practices and trends, credit transfer and student success for another Chancellor statewide system of higher education
  • Provided new strategic directions on online learning to a statewide Board of Regents. Verbal and written report and recommendations were unanimously accepted by Board and Chancellor
  • Conducted high-level administrative IT needs assessment of an ivy league university’s academic departments, schools, and institutes
  • Facilitated the design and evaluation of new revenue and operating models for a large national digital library
  • Evaluated the readiness of a statewide higher education system’s campuses to operationalize performance management in support of a newly-enacted outcomes-based funding protocol
  • Evaluated and improved the terms of the largest online course development and marketing agreement between a university and a major global publisher
  • Conducted the 5-year review of Canadian university’s online M.A. program in e-learning and recommended program modifications and enhancements 
  • Assessed the existing mobile learning strategy and proposed a new strategy for another Canadian University and its affiliated two-year polytechnic college
  • Identified and evaluated strategic online program delivery alternatives for nation’s largest statewide university system. Chancellor and steering committee adopted recommendations
  • Evaluated the largest U.S. educational learning objects repository and recommended re-positioning 
  • Served as Executive Vice President of Nuventive, LLC, a Pittsburgh, PA-based software and solutions provider serving the higher education market
  • Developed and delivered a series of performance management workshops for university leaders in Chile, Mexico, and Puerto Rico on behalf of a large global ERP provider
  • Produced a wide variety of educational white papers for NGO providing more than 4 million Ontarians with online and distance programs and courses
  • Conducted the 5-year management efficiency review of IT services at Hong Kong-based globally top ranked university 
  • Conducted the 5-year review of the IT organization of a globally-ranked Swiss university 
  • Evaluated a 4-year private university’s readiness to undertake the performance management and tracking program needed to improve student recruitment and retention objectives 
  • Inventoried and evaluated the efficacy of the pedagogies and technologies being employed to foster student success in Colorado’s public 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities 
  • Produced the video Edifice Rex for the 100th anniversary of APPA, higher education’s association of physical plant administrators. This video is an explication and celebration of the place of place in higher education.
  • Evaluated the curriculum and markets of a statewide community college system and recommended changes to promote access and improve market share and net revenue 
  • Served as Visiting Scholar commissioned to support the development of a new information strategy for a globally-ranked Australian university
  • Developed a series of white papers for a major global software corporation 
  • Advised on a business plan for the multi-million-dollar revenue center of a major U.S.-based library association 
  • Developed programs and strategies in academic technology, communications, high-performance computing, IT governance, and data management for a globally-ranked university in Singapore 
  • Facilitated the development of an IT strategic plan for the College of Letters and Sciences of an ivy league university
  • Conducted a variety of evaluation and plans for the National University of Singapore (NUS) in areas including IT Governance, Data Management, e-Learning, high-performance computing, and the NUS Information Commons. E-Learning strategy was embraced by the NUS President as one of his four ‘strategic brush strokes’ (priorities)
  • Assessed IT at top-ranked community college and developed an IT governance structure 
  • Provided an environmental scan of high-quality courseware for a major global foundation 
  • Partnered with PwC to conduct a high-level assessment of IT at a major statewide university system and to develop a 3-5-year IT roadmap for that system 
  • Analyzed the digital disruption of the postsecondary academic publishing market for the National Association of College Stores (NACS). This environmental scan yielded a significant number of white papers, websites and journal articles designed to support college stores’ adaptive strategies