How We Do It

We differentiate our services from others by our orientation, values, focus and capabilities:

  • Collegiality – We understand and respect higher education’s values, consultative process and shared governance
  • Disciplined Integrity – We do not solicit or accept engagements unless we have the people, knowledge and skills to support a successful engagement
  • Practical Orientation – We are former campus executives, administrators and faculty members. Our recommendations are action-oriented and our clients get clear guidance on what to do “Monday morning”
  • Seniority – Each of us has ten years or more of experience.
  • Custom Solutions – The solutions we recommend are custom crafted for each engagement. We use and value qualitative and quantitative methodologies
  • Thought leadership – We are known and respected internationally for our contributions to higher education
  • Global Perspective and Experience – We have served clients throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australasia
  • Transformational Orientation – We are driven by the desire to help clients make beneficial, noticeable and sustainable changes

Consultants and Advisors on Higher Education

OUr services


Our transformational orientation, reliance on senior-level practitioners and high degree of customization leads us to focus on services where we can make a significant difference. We never reach for engagements that fall outside the boundaries of our experience.

  • Organize, facilitate and align vision and idea-generation activities and events
  • Develop white papers and videos
  • Convene and facilitate digital transformation planning efforts
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities to gain efficiency
  • Conduct online learning program design and evaluation
  • Design and support strategic and operational planning processes
  • Evaluate and re-design institutional and cross-functional processes or services
  • Review academic, research, business and technology programs
  • Evaluate and improve institutional or organizational governance
  • Design and deliver institution- or function-wide performance management capabilities
  • Evaluate and identify revenue opportunities in online learning programs
  • Evaluate and improve programs, practices and technologies that enhance student success (retention, persistence, graduation)
  • Conduct environmental scans in areas critical to our clients’ success

ART by Ms. Elizabeth Black, Boulder, Colorado